Tcltexed Screenshots

These are all previews. Click for full size.

Some examples within the surroundings...

Almost everything opened ...

For easier explanation I have cut out some parts of the above picture:
First we have Tcltexed's main window. From here you can open all sorts of windows, load files, set options, etc.
Next the editor screen, where the LaTeX documents will eventually develop. On clicking latex, xdvi, dvips or ghostview the corresponding (and hopefully available) external programmes will be executed.
When you open a window like the one with the greek alphabet, you can insert the corresponding LaTeX command at the current cursor position in the editor screen by simply clicking on the button. Should there be several editor screens the command will be inserted into the last active one.
As a further example here is Tcltexed's search and replace window.

What I found out, though, is that as soon as you have acquainted yourself to LaTeX, the really helpful features cannot be pinned to your wall in a screenshot. Pity. Just take it as an appetizer.

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