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Tcltexed is a "simple" text editor I created in innumerable hours of work, which is based on the script language Tcl/Tk. I especially adapted it to the needs of a LaTeX addict (my humble self of course), but some of my friend's ideas were also implemented, so I think I programmed something which might be useful to the public.

What can Tcltexed do?

System Requirements


To prevent unnecessary download delays, here's the link


Copyright (C) 1998 Martin Strauß

Distributed under Gnu General Public License.

Whoever feels the need to thank me can buy me something nonalcoholic. Apart from that: this product ... no pricetag.

Stability and Bugs

Meanwhile there are hardly any incidents. However, should faults in Tcltexed occur, please let me know about them. I can do nothing about crashes of the interpreter, but they are even rarer than simple programming bugs from my part.

Why I undertook the effort?


The current version is 2.8 (Nov 2006)
^M tcltexed-2.8.tar.gz ^M or look for Mirrors
^M new features : Version 2.7 (Aug 2001)
Version 2.6 (Aug 2000)
new features : The current version is 2.5 (May 2000)
new features : Version 2.4 (November 1999)
new features : Version 2.3 (July 1999)
new features : Version 2.2 (November 1998)
new features : last Version (October 1998)
new features : tcltexed-2.0.tgz
new features : first version made public : (August 1998)


From version 2.6 onwards the current version can also be found at and therefore at all CTAN Mirrors at the corresponding path.


is me, that is Martin Strauß. The best way to reach me is via email...
...or you come and try to find me at the Fachschaft Physik (Representation of Physics Students) of Stuttgart University in Germany.
(You should blame me for the poor translation, though... David Grellscheid)
... oh don't blame him, please. If I would have writen the text by my own it would be much worse.